What We Believe...

        Sustainability for Scholarships sees the importance in protecting America’s environment as well as American veterans.  Sustainability for Scholarships believes that the well being of our troops and environment are two of the most important issues in America today. Our goal is to help America’s veterans, while helping maintain the environment of our great country. Our goals are very important to us, but they are not the only thing we stand for.  We also stand for a set of principles.  These principles are to keep to high standards, support American products, and to never stop helping.  These principles will give us standards, which we can never turn our backs on. This will help us differentiate ourselves from other nonprofits.  We will never cut corners or stray from these principles, because when we do we will be straying from our whole purpose.

Thanks for your support!

Sustainability for Scholarships.... where we believe that protecting this planet is as important as Supporting our troops.