Sustainability for Scholarships.... where we believe that protecting this planet is as important as Supporting our troops.

Founder and CEO: Derek Matina

​​​​​​Derek Matina is currently a Junior at Le Moyne College. Derek began Sustainability for Scholarships at Le Moyne College in 2015, however his vision for this organization began before college. When Derek was in High School, he thought of the idea of Sustainability for Scholarships. Derek's motivation stemmed from his Grandfather's service in WWII. After he served, he continued to assist disabled veterans. Derek wanted to continue his Grandfather's legacy be helping veterans, but in a slightly different way. Derek wanted to assist veterans in paying for their education. During his freshman year at Le Moyne, Derek took his business idea to Dr. Ierlan, the Marketing Program Director in the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne. Dr. Ierlan liked the idea and has been a part of the Sustainability for Scholarships board ever since. Since it's beginning, Sutainability for Scholarships has awarded scholarships to two veterans and one veteran dependent. 

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