Do it for the Troops!

       Sustainability for Scholarships was created by Derek Matina.  Derek is 19 years old and is a business major at LeMoyne College (Syracuse).  Derek began this foundation to pursue his two passions of aiding American veterans and the environment with the main focus being those who protect his freedoms. He also felt it was important to perserve the environment so soliders could return to similar situations. Derek is not a veteran himself or enlisted in the US military but he felt he could still give back to this great country and the brave men and women who serve. This motivation and passion gave roots to Sustainability for Scholarships. 

       When this charity first started Derek use to tell his friends , "recycler for the troops".  This led a couple of friends on campus to say "for the troops" whenever they recycled a can or bottle.  At first a couple of people would come by Derek's room and give him cans "for the troops".  Now you cannot go down a hall of a dorm without hearing people dropping in bottles and saying "for the troops". This has come be a slogan and representation of our organization. 

       Thank you for your support and lets keep working "for the troops"!

Sustainability for Scholarships.... where we believe that protecting this planet is as important as Supporting our troops.